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Who E-MailPhone
The President Mrs J Homer  President   0121 356 4172
Chairperson / Catering Mrs S Hubbard    Chair Lady   0797 712 1939  
Vice Chairperson Mr S Greenaway Vice Chair   0121 208 4596
Secretary Mrs S Williams Secretary   01905 775158
Sites Officer Mr K Williams B.D.A. siteofficer 01905 775158
Holiday Sites Officer Mr D Hubbard Holiday sites officer   0128 3760 444
Social Secretary Mr G Parker Social Events Officer   0774 0875 901
Equipment OfficerMr T Dugmore Equipment Officer   0775 2253 702
WebmasterABDesignWebmaster for Birmingham D A 
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The Camping & Caravanning Club H.Q.  0845 130 7631
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Details of walking routes throughout the U.K
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Home Welcome Weekend Rallies Holidays Sites Events Page
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